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Digital Marketing Basics.

Digital marketing being one of the fastest moving and most sang areas of the internet industry also happens to be one of the most confusing. When some people talk about ‘Internet marketing’ they really only think about search engine optimisation (SEO). Others might be single-minded about banner advertising or pay-per-click campaigns, like Google Adwords, while others think its just promoting your material on social media. In reality there is no miracle drug – there are many techniques and each of them can be productive in the right circumstances. The most important thing is to make sure that you are employing the most effective strategy for your business.

Digital marketing techniques are often divided into two types: ‘push’ and ‘pull’ methods. Note often.

‘Pull’ marketing techniques are methods of getting people to come to your site, where your content and promotional materials are located.

This includes:

– Search engine optimisation
– Online advertising
– Pay-per-click campaigns like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing
– Banner advertising and banner exchange
– Online directories and links on other sites
– Referrer and reseller programs
– Viral marketing

‘Push’ marketing means finding ways of distributing your content and brand more widely, with the eventual outcome of increasing traffic to your web site.

This includes:

– Targeted email marketing via opt-in email lists
– Newsletters and ezines
– Industry or general interest mini-sites
– Free services and cool stuff
– Customer management programs

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